Periodontitis, a chronic infection of the tissues surrounding the tooth, is caused by certain bacteria, located in dental plaque on the surface of the tooth. Over time these bacteria migrate down into the gingiva and develop so-called ”pockets“. This results in a destruction of the gingiva and bone, which leads to teeth loosening and eventual tooth loss.

Recent studies have shown a connection between periodontal disease and diabetes, and a further connection to atherosclerosis which can lead to increased risk of heart attack and stroke. During the special periodontal treatment, the dental pockets and the surface of the roots are thoroughly cleansed with a combination of instruments and disinfecting solution. Depending on the stage of infection, a local antibiotic treatment may be necessary. Since periodontal diseases don’t show many symptoms, and can progress very “silently“, a regular checkup is very important to prevent the progress and to get the diagnosis as early as possible.

After successful treatment, a professional teeth cleaning is recommended at least twice per year.

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