Conservative Dentistry

“Every original tooth is better than any denture.”

Filling Therapy

When a filling is needed we provide modern composites that contain nanocomposite ceramic particles. These composites have a high density, allowing us to work in a minimally invasive way. The fillings are Amalgam free and stabilize the tooth.


If the size of a cavity exceeds a certain limit, fillings are no longer possible to stabilize the tooth. In this case, the ideal therapy could be an inlay. This can be done in gold or in aesthetic ceramic from a special dental lab. With a special composite, inlays are glued permanently to the tooth. It replaces exactly the size of the cavity and gives you a very high comfort in terms of precision, aesthetics, stability and durability.

Replacement of Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam is not being used in our dental clinic anymore. If an old amalgam filling needs to be replaced, we advise you of possible alternatives. Of course we also offer complete replacement of all amalgam fillings.

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