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Professional Teeth Cleaning

We plan your individual preventative care with consideration given to your disposition, age, and personal wishes.

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Regular check-ups and prophylaxis helps prevent Periodontitis and early detection.

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Conservative Dentistry

Every original tooth is better than the best denture. We do our best to ensure the conservation of your teeth.

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Root Canal Treatment

An inflamed nerve inside the tooth or an already dead tooth is quite often the cause of tooth pain.

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Small dental surgeries, such as extracting teeth or removing damaged remnants of the roots, can be done directly on-site.

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Beautiful white teeth so that you look and feel your best. We will gladly advise you.

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Often there is a direct connection between head-/back-pain and the Temporomandibular joint.

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Individual Dental Prosthesis

Together we will develop a plan that meets your expectations with regards to aesthetics and function.

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Of course patients of every age are welcome in our clinic.

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